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January 18, 2012


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What is SOPA?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261) is on the surface a bill that attempts to curb online piracy. Sadly, the proposed way it goes about doing this would devastate the online economy and the overall freedom of the web. It would particularly affect sites with heavy user generated content. Sites like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and others may cease to exist in their current form if this bill is passed.



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5 Responses to “Stop SOPA”

  1. JJ Says:

    https://blacklists.eff.org/ <-STOP SOPA!

  2. Daniel Says:

    The word “sopa” means literary “piece of garbage” in Swedish… Kind of fits the description of this act. I’m having trouble beleiving this is happening in a country that says they value freedom so much. If it had been in China or Korea…

  3. Pepper Says:

    It seems likely that if the US govt asserts carte blanch control over DNS dozens of alternate/private name resolution schemes will come to be. As browser plugins, iphost refreshing, non-expiry servers, new protocols/controls, etc… DNS records are a trivially replaceable Name-to-Number service. I say “let the cowardly/compliant US politicians reap what they sow.” To be honest, DNS is badly in need of an overhaul anyway, so bring your worst (as always) ‘legislators’.

  4. okjello Says:

    I agree Pepper, I was actuially glad to hear how it was going to work. Underground DNS will be born and likely something new. After Napster was torrent and after DNS will be something better. It is sad though they will just make it worse.

  5. Erik Says:

    Sopa is bad as is the Pirate Bay issue here in the Netherlands…

    Even more than the US we love and preach our freedom to speech. Now we proved to be in that same list of countries like China, Korea etc…

    Of course there are many ways to go around an IP blockade but it’s the idea that counts!

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