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January 18, 2012

Self Driving Car developed in France

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Check out this new robotic car that has been developed in France by the team from IFSTTAR and the Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute at ESIGELEC. The goal of the two groups is to develop an autonomous car which would help us be safer in our cars. Researchers can control the car speed and its trajectory through an on-board computer system. The researchers drives the car with the help of a joystick, the group modified a Renault Grand Espace by adding robotic driver sensors, camera and control bay on roof.

Via: ieee Spectrum

“There are three cameras to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and one forward-facing used to track road lanes and markings. A LIDAR unit at the front detects other cars and pedestrians.”



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4 Responses to “Self Driving Car developed in France”

  1. GinPB Says:

    Hi, I just want to segnalate this: http://vislab.it/, their already go from Italy to Shangai in autonomous mode, and build this http://www.terramax.com/.

  2. Fuming Solder Says:

    “The researchers drives the car with the help of a joystick…” does not really sound like self-driving. It’s more like drive-by-wire. Is this a DARPA Challenge – worthy autonomous car?

  3. Says:

    They drive by joystick first, then see how well it does on its own.

    I bet that blinking light on top right in front of the camera doesn’t help! Move it to the top!

  4. limo hire Says:

    Yes it work great, but will it work on the highway, i dont think so, i think we are along way away breofe cars drive for us, we cannot even get the motorways right at present.

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