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January 17, 2012

Electric Skateboard hack driven using a Kinect

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Check out this cool Electric Skateboard hack driven using a Kinect by Chaotic Moons Labs. An all-terrain long skateboard is equipped with a Microsoft’s Kinect controlled by a Windows 8 Samsung Tab. It has an 800 watt electric motor and uses a 36 volt power pack to set it in the motion.  

This high tech skateboard works with voice and video recognition and also has accelerometers for feedback. The Kinect transmits the movement into a voice controlled Windows 8 powered Samsung Tablet. Rider can select the speed of skateboard up to the maximum speed of 32 mph. To go faster the rider just pushes their hands in forward direction. To slow down or to go back just do opposite.  Controlling this skateboard is just like playing car racing games on computer with arrow keys.

Via : Popsci






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  1. Harout Says:

    Cool hack, nice post.

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