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January 16, 2012

Pacemaker Camera Flash Project

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Who knew pacemakers were so versatile, I thought they only had one purpose. This Pacemaker Camera Flash Project sure proved me wrong. 🙂 David Prutchi sent in his latest project where he has used an old pacemaker as a millisecond timer for high-speed photography. I guess after 20 years designing medical electronic instrumentation and developing 70 patents your electronics junk box has a bunch of medical devices that are ready to be re-purposed!

“I took this photograph by feeding the output of an infrared barrier to the atrium input of an old DDD pacemaker, setting an appropriate AV delay, and using the ventricular output to trigger a camera flash”



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One Response to “Pacemaker Camera Flash Project”

  1. ryandigweed Says:

    Hey, I want to use this for my Canon CHDK camera, How would i go about it? Is this pacemaker required?

    Actually what i have though out, is that 3 1.5 batteries will be hooked up to a infrared LED or lazer, and then it will be attached via usb to the camera, so then the moment the drop pases through the lazer/infrared beam, it will release the shutter by sending a charge to the camera. 🙂 .

    The camera is a point and shoot by the way.

    Can you help me out?

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