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January 14, 2012

Smell-o-Vision – SMELLIT

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Get ready for a Smell-o-Vision system called SMELLIT. A company in Paris, Olf Action will be taking a stab at this technology that seems to have been around the corner for ever. The styling of the device is great, it looks like you could fly it around the room when it isn’t being used to make your room smell like a bathroom. You can see a list of the possible smells below, some sound very interesting and other might not be as pleasant to smell.

Via: Technabob and Tech Digest



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4 Responses to “Smell-o-Vision – SMELLIT”

  1. Pouncer Says:

    I wonder, would it use the “Bathroom Odor” for political news shows?

  2. Farle Says:

    Smell of ‘Female Red’
    Smell of ‘naked body’


  3. Mark Harrison Says:

    I don’t see “Blazing Saddles – Campfire Scene” on that list of smells.

  4. Iw2 Says:

    They already prepared the smells for 15 movies according to their website: http://www.olf-action.fr/page10.html
    Won’t take much longer till we find out how 4chan smells^^ Also, I’m reeeally looking forward to finally smell how other persons on IRC smell when they don’t shower 😉
    Btw: Hoe does “fir” smell?

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