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January 13, 2012

Romo Phonebot at CES

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Marc de Vinck from Make is at CES and is hunting down all of the stuff that we think is cool. Check out this neat Phone Robot called Romo. It works out to be quite an expensive robot considering it holds your smart phone, as long as it doesn’t take a tumble down the stairs I think your phone is quite safe though. There is a developer section for this robot so you can make your own iOS or Android apps (Android is coming soon). 

Via: Make

“Romotive was started by Phu, Peter, and Keller, three childhood friends with a lifelong passion for building cool things. One day, Phu had an idea to build a robot that used a smartphone as its brain. Peter built that robot, and then Keller helped them figure out how to market the robot. Today, Romotive is building a flexible and open robotic platform will allow people to create their own fun and useful robots.”