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January 31, 2012

Nixie Tube IN-18 Tester

at 1:46 pm. Filed under Vintage Electronics


Who would have thought that in 2012 we would have a need for Nixie tube testers since this was a technology that was only developed and used because things like LEDs didn’t exist. Since the technology is so cool it has remained as a technology that is used in some DIY kits and projects.

Thanks for sharing this with us Vassilis.

“A simple device for testing and/or healing Nixie tubes of IN-18 type. An 11-pole switch is connected in series with a 50 KΩ pot (+ 470 Ω resistor for safety), powering from an 180V DC source. Normal operation at 2 mA is shown. “

Xbox 360 / PC Arcade Joystick Build

at 4:40 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Game Hacks


There is something special about playing a real stand up video game compared to playing one with a handheld controller. Aaron (x2Jiggy) has made a controller that interfaces buttons to a handheld controller to bring that special feeling to the home.

 “The method involves soldering wires to the button contacts on the XBox controllers circuit board, using these connections we can activate the controllers inputs using our arcade hardware. We need to build a housing, install the arcade components, convert the controller to allow for external inputs and wire the whole thing up.”



January 30, 2012

The Spy Video Trakr hacked to shoot Missiles

at 10:04 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Toy Hacks


Wow, don’t fool around with this Spy Video Trakr hacked to shoot Missiles if you want to keep your eyes! Driving around a Spy Video Trakr is fun but shooting things with it looks to notch up the fun a few levels. Click hre

“This hack is not too expensive (the most costly part is buying the actual turret) or overly complex, but does require a degree of soldering ability. Circut construction for this hack requires soldering several components and wires. If you are not comfortable with soldering, you may want to get some practice first, or have someone help you who can solder well.

I used a Radio Shack #276-150 perfboard for circuit construction. I could have made the layout much more compact than I did, but it would have made the soldering even more difficult for others who might try to build this. The Radio Shack board already has lands and traces etched on it (indicated by the white silk-screening in the photo), making layout and assembly somewhat easier.”



Untitled from SCUBA Steve on Vimeo.

DIY Arduino Oscilloscope using a Nokia 3310 Screen

at 11:31 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks



 Check out this cool DIY Arduino Oscilloscope which uses a cheap Nokia 3310 Screen which can often be found for $5 or $10. Watch the video below to see how surprisingly good this thing actually works!

 “The setup is really simple, connect an Arduino Pro Mini to a Nokia 3310 LCD screen, sample an analog port and then wright the pixels to the screen. I even added two potentiometers, one that adds delay to the sample to essentially provide a basic time scale and another pot that can scale down voltages as long as they are below three volts (the operating voltage of the micro controller). Unfortunately if you want to sample sign waves that have voltages over three volts you are out of luck unless you build an electronic circuit to scale it down somehow.”


January 29, 2012

PS3 Slim hacked into a Mini WOPR Computer from the film WARGAMES

at 6:22 pm. Filed under Game Hacks


Thanks to Robert Milius for sending in his PS3 Slim hacked into a Mini WOPR Computer from the film WARGAMES.

“This case mod was inspired by the WOPR computer in the movie “WarGames.” I call it the WOPR Mk.II. I basically used the XCM cyberchrome ps3 case and some simple flashing LED kits. The small monitor is a Haier 7 inch LCD. “

SIGLENT SDS1102CM Oscilloscope Review

at 12:31 pm. Filed under Reviews


Our friend Csaba did a great Review of the SIGLENT SDS1102CM Oscilloscope.



Based on the CSV file:

Model Number:                     SDS1102CM

Serial Number:                     SDS00002111512

Software Version:      

Based on the turn on screen:

Software Version:      

Approx. 450USD on ebay.com”

Laser Beam Cuts Man in Half

at 5:53 am. Filed under Funny Hacks



Martin Raynsford has been doing some playing with his laser, talking some time to have some fun is very important. In this case he used his Laser Beam Cuts Man in Half, just like in the movies!


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