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December 22, 2011

Ultrafast Camera – capturing light particles moving through space

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Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have developed an imaging system that can capture visual data at a rate of 1 TFPS. With such a speed of visual data acquision, the researchers were able to create virtual super-slow-motion videos of light particles traveling and scattering through space. The technique to create the videos relies on what’s called a streak camera.

The complete virtual slow-motion movies are created by stitching together each scan lines data comprising of several pulses of light.

So what you are seeing is actually an average of many pulses, but because our camera and laser are synchronized very well, all the pulses look exactly the same,” Velten said. “That’s basically the trick.”

Check out the video below if you want more on this technology:



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One Response to “Ultrafast Camera – capturing light particles moving through space”

  1. Noah Says:

    It is a cool effect. Bullet time would have nothing on it.
    I was hoping it would be a sort of “magnetic field viewing” kind of camera though.

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