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December 21, 2011

Hacked Typewriter with Magical Effects

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Makezine in its blog reported that Yoonjo Choi has modernized her old typewriter by adding force sensors and monitor connectivity, so that her old photographs can now be flipped quickly through projection. The way in which her old photo displays on the monitor possesses a magical effect. The project draws attention to the photos in a way that a digital slideshow or picture frame cannot.

The most amazing feature is that you can only see the photo when you type at a certain rate. For example, if you type less than five letters within ten seconds you will only get a vague outline of the photo. If you type more than five and less than ten letters it gets a bit more crisp, and so forth.

 Watch out this video to know more about this hacked Typewriter:



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  1. Andre Says:

    I was thinking it would start typing by itself

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