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December 14, 2011

XBOX 360 Aquarium

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Remember the geeky computer aquariums we featured about 5 years ago? Instead of using a computer case this XBOX 360 Aquarium uses a gaming console case. Thankfully the donor XBOX was a not working, if you think the window cut looks great that is because it was cut out using a waterjet.

“The tank itself is made of glass, and is approximately 6″ long, 8″ tall, and 2.5″ wide.  Water volume inside the tank is 0.45 gallons.  The tank is lit with a color-changing (RGB) LED strip.  Lighting color and intensity is controlled with a wireless remote.”


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  1. 엑스박스 360 수족관 | Make: Korea Says:

    […] 맥쿠아리움(Macquarium)과 비교되고 있다고는 해도, 사람들이 수족관을 만들기 시작할 무렵의 오리지널 맥만큼 XBox 360이 고물취급을 받기는 이른 것 같습니다. 이 수족관은 블루 월드 수족관(Blue World Aquarium)의 스펜서 셰퍼드(Spencer Shepard)가 고장난 게임기로 만든 것이며, 그가 말하길 자신의 Xbox는 TV 옆에 무사히 있다고 하네요. 옆면에 난 창문은 워터젯으로 절단했다고 합니다. [출처 Hacked Gadgets] […]

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