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December 8, 2011

Hacked Gadgets gets another cold call from Scammers called Global IT and Global PC Protection – Part 3

at 1:13 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Funny Hacks

You think these scammers from Global PC Protection (they often call themselves Global IT) would have me on their do not call list after the fun we had with them in Part 1 and part 2. I figured that would be the last we ever heard of them. Well to my surprise I got another cold call from one of their agents warning me that my computer has once again been sending them errors and warnings.

I just had a bit of fun with them before I again told them who I was. Guess what, they were not very pleased about this and they started to delete a bunch of system files, browsed to a porn site and attempted to format my hard drive. I guess they still didn’t realize that they were just playing around in a VM.

The video is quite long, here are the highlights.

  • 0:00 Initial description of problem.
  • 13:09 Peter Anderson tries to convince me that he is calling from New York.
  • 15:46 Peter Anderson with a new voice answers my call.
  • 17:00 The first Peter Anderson calls back. 
  • 35:30 Virtual Machine setup shown.
  • 18:10 They once again try to make up junk about what the Support Connection Code is for.
  • 20:39 VM hard drive issues, for some reason the virtual hard drive isn’t automatically growing as it should.
  • 26:30 Cleaning the old VM was talking a long time, I just made a new copy of the VM image to start with a fresh copy.
  • 29:30 They connect to my system using Team Viewer.
  • 37:42 Their technician has remote control of the system and “checks” the computer out.
  • 48:02 I give Peter a hard time for accidentally hanging up the phone on me.
  • 57:05 I show them who I am, they hang up but stay connected to the computer.
  • 58:35 They talk about what they think of me.
  • 59:27 Start deleting files while they talk to me.
  • 1:01:50 The load up a porn site and look around, then they hang up the phone while remaining logged onto my computer.
  • 1:05:48 They try to format the hard drive.


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54 Responses to “Hacked Gadgets gets another cold call from Scammers called Global IT and Global PC Protection – Part 3”

  1. Terry Says:

    Guys, its practically easy to turn the tables here. Their using cheap tricks to remote our computer, but the thing is, it all relies on us being not techie to understand what is going on. A good pay back would be actually hack them for a change. There is no reason for us not to know their IP once they got logged in via Team Viewer or logmein.com we can get their IP. I bet their using a basic network topology in their “office” like router/switch then to computers. I know its kinda is a low blow but these people have to be taught a lesson. It fine for us who will not get fooled by these cheap tricks, but I heard in Australia, old people got robbed big time man.

    Plus the fact that in your Part 2 Video they mentioned that they are in the Philippines? Thank you by the way for posting their IP that is totally India. Point is, come on…. they’re gonna point on Filipinos now? That is just way to low.

  2. Kay Oddvar Says:


    Just wanted to give you my cudos for these vids! They were hillarious (yet a bit long, so I used to times you set 😛 )
    It’s been a long time (a VERY long time to be more precise) that I had fun with cracking into other peoples computers. Just for fun btw, and no damage or anything else. It was easier before I think, more exploits to use (especially win 98, and even for winXP)
    Since I’ve probably forgotten “everything”, and you’re probably “pr0”, how come you don’t try to get into their computers..?
    Set up an interresting page on the side with… I don’t know.. BO2K (old school and almost like plug and play)? Have some fun on their expense instead?
    Use your page, and at the same time make it download and install a trojan?
    THAT would be fun 😛

  3. Tom Anderson Says:

    SW1E 5JL is the postal code for Microsoft London.

  4. Beth Says:

    “Can you go and talk to Alex Murphy and make sure he’s closing his eyes?”

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! (hilarious!)

    A big Thank You for scamming the scammers. Job well done! (they deserve it)

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