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December 6, 2011

Siri Start my Car – iPhone Vehicle Voice Interaction

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It was a great day when we could start our cold car remotely. A bit of trivia, the first remote car starter was produced by Canadian company here in Winnipeg called Kraus.  Times have changed! In this hack Brandon Fiquett uses Siri in his Apple iPhone 4S to command his car to start using voice commands. Lots of the heavy lifting has been done by Viper in this case who has developed a method for the iPhone (and other smart phones) to interface with its smart remote. This capability is possible because of the flexibility that has been built into Siri, because of this I think we will see lots of new hacks in the near future!

Via: iPhone Hacks and www.vincentabry.com

“I created a new ruby plugin that is used by plamoni’s “Siri Proxy”, a proxy server for Apple’s Siri assistant. This proxy server allows for the creation of custom plugins that can intercept recognized speech and perform virtually any function imaginable (programmable, scriptable).

Technical Details:

  • Siri Proxy & DNSMasq box – Ubuntu 11.04 Server VM
    Ruby 1.9.3
  • LAMP server – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server


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One Response to “Siri Start my Car – iPhone Vehicle Voice Interaction”

  1. Fuming Solder Says:

    Siri, with her matter-of-fact tone of voice, is quickly becoming a butt of every joke about human-computer interfaces. I just can’t wait till someone comes up with a good stand up routine about using Siri in a car! 🙂

    – Siri, I would like the vipers on please!
    – Please wait while I connect to your vehicle…
    – Thank you for your patience …
    – I am experiencing longer than usual delay ….

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