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December 6, 2011

LED Madness at Light Energy Studio

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As most of you know I love LEDs! But even I can’t imagine working at a place like Light Energy Studio. This place has a showroom that would make non epileptics has a seizure from all the blinking goodness. 🙂 I guess if you are looking to do some interior design in a night club (or my basement) this would be the place to go. They make some great looking disco floors out of 1/2 inch white acrylic, it looks like that stuff would hold up quite well but I would still cringe if it was my club and I saw people with shoes dancing on it…  The wall hanging stuff also looks great, you can see the 48 inch wall hanging light painting below the videos but I might have to start collecting pop cans to pay the $4100 for it.

Via: Interior Complex



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