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December 2, 2011

YAL Electronic Circuit Watch Design

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Watches aren’t just used to tell the time, they can also be used to show off your tech love. The creator of this watch concept is a Hacked Gadgets reader and wanted to share his design with us. Yoann Lechopier from France designed this for a Tokyo Flash watch concept contest. We have featured Tokyo Flash before and they also sponsored a Hacked Gadgets contest in the past.

If you want to see this watch become a reality vote for the YAL Electronic Circuit Watch Design here. Look for the vote button under the last image.

I asked Yohan to share how he came up with the cool looking design.

Yohan – Well, I used to make some design creations on during my free time and I rediscovered tokyoflash.com. Then, seeing all there original watches I decided to try to make my own watch concept and maybe be chosen in order to make my watch reality. I always put my little logo and “YAL” as a signature on my creation and i thought it was a good idea to make a watch concept with this. So i turned on the tron music and began to draw 🙂

“The symbol is divided into several parts :

* The middle circle indicate hours (one led for one hour)
* The outer branches indicate minutes (one led for 5 minutes)
* The 2 leds on each side indicate the single minutes (on led for 1 minute)
* And the two leds on the middle is a PM indicator.

To tell the time, you have just to count the number of lighted led on each part and add them.”