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December 1, 2011

Arduino based Bartender

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Students from the Florida International University have completed their Arduino based Bartender project. A computer has the menu of drink items, there are 6 solenoids that are controlled by the arduino. The 6 solenoids are able to dump certain drink options. There is a sensor that makes sure a cup is in place before the drink is poured. The system is able to mix a large variety of drinks with the 6 ingredients that it has available. You can see the final version above and the video of the prototype below. It looks like quite a few things have changed from concept to completion.


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2 Responses to “Arduino based Bartender”

  1. Luis Says:

    This is such a poor project for someone who is about to graduate.

  2. Tom Anderson Says:

    Shouldn’t we call it Bar-duino?

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