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November 17, 2011

DIY Stroboscope using a Three Phase DC Motor

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We have seen some Stroboscopes in operation before, for this  DIY Stroboscope that uses a Three Phase DC Motor which eLabs put together I think the actual stroboscope is the simpler part of the build. Since the project is using a three phase motor actually getting the motor to run is in my mind a huge part of the project. I love the reuse of computer related stuff in this build which is great since most of us normally have that stuff available for free!

The code and schematics are available at the links below.

Part 1 of the Project Build
Part 2 of the Project Build
Part 3 of the Project Build

“With three driver inputs it is possible to create only two levels at the ends of the windings: LOW and HIGH. Using three different levels – LOW, HIGH and OPEN could have enabled us to disable one of the windings on each of the steps, which results in more torque and also enables rotational speed feedback via measuring voltage induced on the disabled winding by the permanent magnet of the rotor”