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November 4, 2011

RC Tankbot

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Thanks to skater_j10 for sending in this RC Tankbot project. It was created for Solarbotics but he added some additional details about the system on the project page. This tank looks like a great build platform for mobile projects.

“In terms of cost, this RF network system seems to compete with even the most low end RC transmission systems. And even though you don’t really get a physical controller with this system, it is a lot more flexible and versatile than a standard RC link. As a theoretical example (that we still might do one day) we could have had a complete diagnostic link between the tank and controller with the Tankbot sending sensor data and battery power results back to the controller for real-time, remote results.”


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One Response to “RC Tankbot”

  1. Haku Says:

    Interesting radio gear there, I especially like the on-board antenna and the range, I’ve been using some XRF radio data modules which are a drop-in replacment for XBee modules, they’re based on the Texas Instruments CC1110 microcontroller but are cheaper, can run on a range of different frequencies (315,433,868,915), have a longer range and are much much easier to use than XBees (they talk to each other out-of-the-box so you don’t have to get stuck into the configuration before using).
    For fun I did some testing on their range using the standard supplied whip antennas and got over 3.4km (2 miles):
    Purchased through their eBay store, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/www-ciseco-co-uk/m.html, about half the price of the Solarbotics Synapse units.

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