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October 27, 2011

Hacked Gadgets has fun with Computer Scammer called Global IT

at 11:00 am. Filed under Funny Hacks

I got this call a few days ago. It was from the Technical Department of my Windows Computer called Global IT. As he puts it they are the “job workers of the Windows”. An Indian guy calling himself Sam informed me that my computer has been sending them errors and warnings. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was just going to have a few minutes of fun with the guy but when he asked if I was the owner of the computer it gave me some time to start a recording and start from the beginning with the guy. They have you open the Event Viewer and look at the errors and warnings. I guess this is enough of a convincer to some that backs up their bogus claims.

I was using my laptop computer so I went along with his requests until they wanted to remotely log onto my machine. I said that my internet wasn’t working and he should call back, when they called back I had them play with a fresh copy of Windows XP running in a virtual machine. I let them go through the entire scam until they got to the pitch where they say they can provide a new Windows maintenance warranty for a fee. They wanted immediate payment so I simply told him that I didn’t have a cent. I am wondering what type of phone service they are using to direct their calls from their 646-867-3751 number? I would think the scammers could be tracked down by the person paying for this number.

Update (November 23, 2011): See part 2 where the scammers named Global PC Protection work on the computer and I tell them who I really am. If you thought this video was long part 2 is a 6 hour video. There is a time line so you only need to watch the interesting stuff.

Update (December 8, 2011): See part 3 where they made a fresh cold call.

The video is quite long, here are the highlights.

  • 1:00 Initial description of problem.
  • 6:20 Explanation of problems.
  • 19:55 Funny accent by same guy calling himself Jack Morris, the senior supervisor.
  • 35:05 Phone call from Jack Morris.
  • 35:30 Virtual Machine setup shown.
  • 36:15 Call back to Global IT.
  • 39:20 The remotely log onto the computer.
  • 47:30 The diagnosis of their full system check. ๐Ÿ™‚ It sounds like it might disconnect from the Microsoft Mother Server soon!
  • 49:20 What their warranty covers.
  • 50:45 Cost of the warranty options.
  • 52:25 Their 15 year warranty seems to be interchangeable with a lifetime warranty.
  • 52:45 Online request for payment.
  • 1:01:00 Alternative payment option request.
  • 1:06:20 The extended warranty that ends today is extended.


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50 Responses to “Hacked Gadgets has fun with Computer Scammer called Global IT”

  1. Slon Says:

    Thank you for posting this. Plenty of my customers experience such calls. Now I can forward them this video for their education.

  2. Andre Says:

    Love it… So funny, he was so close and excited to get the payment and yet confused that you couldn’t do it…. Hahaha…

  3. JJ Says:

    The number is owned by level 3 communications.

  4. John Smith Says:

    these people have to be found and arrested. this is fraud and extortion.

  5. AntiProtonBoy Says:

    Yep, I’ve been getting similar calls – they called me at least 6 times! In one of the sessions I’ve also sat through their BS, just to see what they want. Ultimately they directed me to a web site, asking me to install a utility. This is where I stopped and gave them a nice long rant over the phone. The dude was kinda shocked and speechless.

  6. Keenan Says:

    Like e-mail headers, the originating number of a call on the telephone system is set entirely by the originator. All you need is a SIP account or PBX and you can set the caller ID to whatever you want.

    Getting a charged placed on your card, or getting a number at which you can call them back might provide a lead. But good luck getting anyone to put effort into investigating these scams.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    Read this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-system/does-microsoft-or-windows-have-any-conenction-with/cfe5373a-9a82-4c4e-a1b1-1ca8e7dd6997

    Basically these guys have local politicians and/or police in there pocket or what they are doing is not illegal in India.
    Both are possible and likely.

    If you have time to kill make them wait as long as possible, it hopefully costs them money and the longer they are talking to you (or waiting to talk to you) the longer they are not talking to some poor grandma who does not know better.
    Personally I don’t have time for them and either ask them how they feel about ripping of poor old ladies or tell them what they are doing is illegal and that I am notifying the police (I don’t really though). Both get them to hang up pretty fast!

  8. Jenny Tull Says:

    So, what would be the most shocking, offensive, insulting thing one could say to these people that would really tick them off? I’m not happy just hanging up on these scum, I want to ruin their day.

    My personal rule for telemarketing calls is that they must always hang up first. If I can’t get them to hang up on me, I’ve lost the game. The faster I can get them to hang up, the higher the score.

  9. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Slon,

    Glad you can get some use out of it. Hopefully it lets a few people recognize how they operate and is able to prevent getting scammed.

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Andre,

    Seems like they were trying to think of anything to get some instant cash gratification. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    HI JJ,

    Thanks for looking that up. How did you do it by the way? I used the reverse phone number lookup and the closest I could get is that it appeared to be a cell phone in New York.

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Good link. I think it is probably a combination of the Indian police force not having enough resources to crack down on this type of crime and possible some kickbacks to the officials to keep quiet.

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I have been getting lots of solicitation calls about long distance phone services, when asked what countries I call the most I just say I have never made a long distance phone call. That is usually the end of the conversation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Watch a scammer go through his entire pitch » BuildLounge Says:

    […] support and his computer was messed up. Instead of laughing and hanging up, like I would have done, Alan had the forethought to film the entire scam and post it online for our enjoyment! Not only did Alan think to record it, he managed to get a […]

  15. KirbyG Says:

    Alan, are you really from Winnipeg? If so I’d like to buy you a beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. George Johnson Says:

    You don’t tell them you don’t have a cent. You tell them “Sure, I’d LOVE to have this service, I can’t live without it!!”

    Then you drag out their payment for as long as possible.

    I just sent it over the internet, didn’t you get it? Come on, you guys are supposed to be smart, how did you lose my payment!

    You only increase their disappointment, once they think they’re getting paid. up to that time, they’re thinking “Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

    Once you have them on the hook, saying you WILL give them money, they become emotionally invested.

    By the time they give up, their whole day is shot!

  17. Jenny Tull Says:

    George, I like the way you think. That’s a great way to play the game.

    One last thing though, before they fully wise up and end the call; you should tell them something intimate about their mom.

  18. JJ Says:

    @Alan – I work for a telco so I have tools to look that up. However, since you do not. One site you can go to is fonefinder.net

    As Keenan said, it’s very easy to ‘spoof’ a number. Some ppl even sell spoofing services (spoofcard.com)…so it may or may not be legit. However, I would still report it to the appropriate agency.

  19. Mr Jones Says:

    Just for reference, this scam is now active in the UK. My father, and his neighbour had exactly the same call two days ago

  20. Stu Says:

    I’ve had this very thing happen to me, plus other scams, such as a chap in Germany take half payment from me for a Compaq iPaq PDA and they never sent it. I have spent quite some time looking into this sort of thing, familiarising myself with many different scam types.
    When it happened to me, I never fell for it. Their delivery is terrible, making the person jump thru plenty of pointless hoops that most people wont be bothered with, and not being the slightest bit convincing. I intended to do something similar to what you did – let them log into a VM and track them, but I just got totally fed up of their poor attempts and called them a bad word and hung up.
    NOTE – ***Be very careful about doing this*** – sometimes these people operate as part of a much larger telephony scam, a big business, as such they have people in other countries too, able to track down some of the people they called who wouldn’t play ball, or others who out them on YT, and ‘muscle’ them so to speak into paying up, or worse.
    Playing that game is dangerous, they’re just dumb criminals, make damned sure they don’t have any real info about you, I guess they don’t have your home address, or know of your ownership of this website or your YT account, but am I correct in thinking they have your real phone number? Also perhaps an IP address within your ISP? Sometimes these and others can be combined and tracked back to actual home addresses too.

    You may be aware of the quite well known 419 scam, named after the Nigerian penal code. Check out ‘419eater.com’ for some scambaiting techniques (contains really funny hit backs at the scammers!) and check out the hints and tips section, most notably the section about them being potentially very dangerous crims!

    I’m all for hitting back at these human scum, but do so very carefully – stay safe everybody who tries this sort of thing.

  21. oh-be Says:

    wow thank you so much .. yeah i just got a call . crazy f*****s. how did they get my # thats what im thinking of.

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  23. deriuqer Says:

    I don’t mean to be racist, but the Indian IT support just makes me full of rage. The way they seem to just talk down to you, especially us technically savvy users…


    Just reached the part from “jack”


  24. ALERT! Computer Scammers By Phone? | FastLane Technologies Says:

    […] about this scammer.ย  If you want to check out the whole scam recorded, check out his site at: http://hackedgadgets.com/2011/10/27/hacked-gadgets-has-fun-with-computer-scammer-called-global-it/ย (1+ hour of video) and the second part is (my favorite) where he calls the […]

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  28. lyn Says:

    just got a call who stated they were Microsoft Windows Support. Managed to get a phone number based in Manchester Business Park and owned by Tertio listed as computer consultants – beware

  29. mykeyfinn Says:

    my wife got a call about our Windows machine sending them errors, which was pretty funny since i run a linux distro and have educated and interested her in it as well, so she let them get all the way till they wanted her to install a program from a website then asked them to hang up, he wouldn’t and said they were going to I quote “Format remotely the hard drive because your systems is full of virus and infecting our servers” she tried to keep a straight face but he hung up when she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. If she gets a cold call again Im teaching her how to set up a windows VM on the computer and direct them to it, maybe get a nice backtrack or such on their own systems if possible, 3 to 1 says their setup is pretty vulnerable and could be penetrated.

  30. Julia Tovey Says:

    Suddenly realised I have been scammed – what do I do now to rectify the situation. Monies have been payed to them. They have mucked my PC up, etc. Just watched a potted version of the video and realised this.

  31. Julia Tovey Says:

    Further info – the phone number I have been given is 0203 2396593 to contact for customer services – Rose Smith Employee ID: 0786 – they contacted me on 042 5998 1533 number.
    The Company the monies went to in US $ was Mercaway – 166 Rue due Faubourg Saint-Honore, 75008 Paris, France Tel: +33 (0)825 85 22 45 – http://www.mercaway.com
    Email for Global PC is: support@globalpcprotection.com

  32. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Julia,

    Call your credit card company and tell them that you have been scammed. If it was this exact company show them this page so they can confirm that it is a scam. They will refund your money. I don’t think they actually install spyware on the systems but I wouldn’t trust it after they have been able to play with it. Backup your important data (pictures, emails etc) and re-install windows to wipe out their possible meddling.

  33. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the additional info about them.

  34. Clive Notley Says:

    I has the identical experience as Julia above on Thursday 19th January. I had the same story as posted and I fell for it, How stupid! I too paid monies to Mercaway. Can you believe this, My credit card people blocked it and I phoned them and got it paid. A local company have now reloaded windows and sorted out the complete mess left by these people. Painful lesson learned by me but how can we get the message out to warn others with very slow running computers. Our’s had been running very slow for ages which is why I fell for the story!!.

  35. Michele R Says:

    My 78 yr old mother was scammed last week by these creeps, and ended up “purchasing” their 5 year maintenance warranty, after spending over an hour with them on the phone where they were having her run some different programs. Her contacting person was “Alex Murphy @ 253-802-0308”. I listened to Part 1 of this and from what I can tell, it sounds like what occured to her. Needless to say, we cancelled the credit card, and have signed up with LifeLock now to monitor any fraudulent activity on her accounts. Also ran a restore program on the computer, but am wondering how sophisticated these creeps are and what the chances are that they have been able to access and corrupt her whole computer now? Any thoughts from computer savvy folks out there? Is there a need to toss out her computer and start from scratch with a small laptop for her? Not sure what risks we may be facing now. Thanks for any thoughts.

  36. Jenny Tull Says:

    tossing it would be a very extreme measure. But it would be a great excuse to have the operating system re-installed.

    Go buy an external hard drive, and copy/backup all of the important files from the computer. Then re-install windows, which will erase everything and return the computer to the condition it was in when you first got it.

  37. Michele R Says:

    Thanks Jenny, appreciate your suggestions!

  38. Jeremy Lane Says:

    Hey Alan:
    UPDATE: They have a new site… a customer just contacted me and found out about this scam the hard way. They are listed here http://hitechpcprotection.com/ and also are associating with http://corporate.digitalriver.com/ and http://www.regnow.com for their services. Their new email is now a Hotmail address at pc.livesupport@hotmail.com and they have an email address at support@hitechpcprotection.com. I’ll be updating my blog about this too!

  39. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Jeremy. Sorry to hear another one of your customers got bit.

  40. Jeremy Lane Says:

    There is more to the story Alan… check the rest of the story! I just got off the phone with them after emailing them today requesting that they refund my customer. Scroll down to the “UPDATE” part at the bottom: http://www.fastlanepc.com/news/alert-computer-scammers-by-phone/

  41. Alan Parekh Says:

    I wonder if any of the contact info is correct for the new domain?

    Contact: +91.2230797900


    Vivek (balajinfotechservices@yahoo.com)
    Uttar Pradesh,221001
    Tel. +91.8957744610

  42. Alan Parekh Says:

    Looks like this is one of their job ads… With a pay range of $950 USD to $3750 USD you can see why they can only attract the bottom of the barrel call center workers.

    Customer Care Executive – view or apply
    BIS Solutions – INR 80000 – 200000 per annum – Calcutta, West Bengal
    We are an International Call Center based in Kolkata and Varanasi. Salary Package 5k -20k. If you are interested please send your resume at balajinfotechservices@yahoo.com Or call us at: Kolktata: 9007093289 Varanasi: 8957744610 Between 9am to 8pm.

  43. Cab Jones Says:

    Thank you kindly, Alan. You have done a great service.

    A friend of mine was scammed by these kind of guys, but after calling me while it was in progress, she yanked the plug on her computer. Of course they called back (greed knows no bounds) and the victim got a call-back number 718-618-4749 which works–they answer like “Technical Maintenance Department” and say they are from Microsoft-something-or-other.

    I am wondering
    1) is that enough to locate and prosecute. And
    2) although we recovered her messed-up system (all Services had been stopped, we restarted and used System Restore), I am wondering if they may have left s keylogger behind. She is protected by Windows Security Essentials. The utmost I supposed would be a backup and restore (Windows 7). Would even that be absolutely reliable, or since these guys were after warranty money ($199. I think). that my friend may be fairly safe?

  44. Cab Jones Says:

    I meant to clarify–would Windows Security Essentials be likely to catch most keyloggers installed like that, while Windows is running? (I know you have no idea what an unknown set of crooks might be up to).

  45. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Cab,

    Unfortunately when they have full system access like this all bets are off. Your security measures can’t be relied on since they have full access just as you do when using your system.

    You can report them to the authorities but it would be hard to prosecute since I am sure they are off shore.

  46. Warning: Microsoft will never call you, but scammers will!!! | Philip Computer Repair Blog Says:

    […] more information check outย Alan Parekh Hacked Gadgets has fun with Computer Scammer called Global IT 3 […]

  47. imartemus Says:

    I was stupid and was convinced of the scam. They appear to have loaded programs on my computer. I have cancelled the payment, but what do I do now? Remove their programs? I did see the windows firewall was turned OFF after they “fixed” my problems. Anybody – please advise me. Thanks.

  48. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi imartemus,

    Sorry to hear that. Save all of your pictures and documents to a DVD, do a virus scan on the DVD using a good computer with up to date antivirus software. I would re-install windows on your computer that was compromised.

  49. roflem Says:

    These perpetrators are former call center workers from India specifically West Bengal (Kolkata region). They have been identified and partially busted before. Victims should file a complaint through the ic3.gov website.

  50. vikram Says:

    I have seen many such videos and the only common thing i have seen is that their payment process is hosted by http://www.mycommerce.com/ for e.g. swreg, share*it etc were all hosted by them. Which means there is an opportunity for legal actions via the mycommerce and they should have some sort of tracking.

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