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October 26, 2011

DIY Stairs Illumination Project based on an Arduino

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I am honored that this stair lighting video of our stair lighting controller kit inspired Youtube user Notcranium to build his own. His is based on an Arduino and he has used RGB lights to jazz things up a bit. Great looking stairs Notcranium! At an electrical cost of around $2 per year you sure can’t beat the effect and not having to keep a stairwell light on all the time is sure to have some positive economic effects in the long run. If you are looking for some stair lights please also have a look at our Reactive Lighting line of Stair Lighting Controllers.

“I am illuminating the stairs using 30 independently controlled RGB leds. Control of the LEDs is done using an ATmega328 processor (Arduino) and 6 TLC5940 LED driver ICs. Pressure sensors detect someone going on the staircase and is calibrated to ignore my dog.”


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3 Responses to “DIY Stairs Illumination Project based on an Arduino”

  1. barnoldpoi Says:

    “Pressure sensors detect someone going on the staircase and is calibrated to ignore my dog.”

    Good thinking, animals don’t deserve to see stairs.

  2. Maurizio Says:

    Dogs have an excellent vision in low-light situation. My dog certainly doesn’t need lights to go up and down my staircase. The little light that enter a house from outside is plenty for a dog. If you look inside a dog’s eyes in the dark, you’ll see them glowing green (most breeds, I believe some are yellow). This is the result of their eye bouncing light reflected from the retina back, effectively amplifying light.
    Same for cats, although I believe cats’ night vision is better than dogs’.

  3. Calvin Says:

    Cool hacks…

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