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October 24, 2011

Delta Robot with Vision

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Henrique Ribeiro de Oliveira from Brazil and two others have built this great Delta Robot with Vision. Best of all it is running a cool program to show off what it is capable of. You can toss some tokens randomly on the board, the robot will locate the tokens and place them on some colored dots in the middle of the working surface.

Via: Hacked Gadgets Forum

We used Labview to make the main program, it has all the configuration of the robot. On normal cycle it will scan the image from a webcam located under the big base that hold the motors and if there is something that looks like the template that we are looking for it will calculate the inverse kinematics to start the movement (yes it has few problems on locating something under the robot arms). With the kinematics calculated it will send a value in steps to the microcontrollers so they can calculate a acceleration ramp and send it to the driver. The end effector is a vacuum cup that have a small pump to feed it. After the first cycle of movements to get the object it will repeat the process of scanning the webcam streaming to find a location to deposit the object.