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October 9, 2011

IBM Thinkpad takes Zap from Huge Tesla Coil and Lives

at 6:41 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment

Check out this IBM Thinkpad that took a Zap from Huge Tesla Coil and Lives. I personally didn’t think it would last for more than a few seconds. Thanks to The Geek Group for performing the test.


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One Response to “IBM Thinkpad takes Zap from Huge Tesla Coil and Lives”

  1. zz Says:

    This is not surprising at all, most laptops have a metal frame which is the shortest path to ground.
    Even without such a frame FCC shielding (nowadays just a sputtered layer of aluminum inside the plastic bits) would perform the same function. Even a properly designed naked laptop motherboard, (i.e. with good ground-plane and traces around the edge), would quite possibly survive.

    Now if you bump up the amperage enough to start blowing holes in the metal bits described above *then* we can be impressed by survival, but in the meantime there’s nothing to see here, move along…

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