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October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs the Hacker, Maker, Visionary is Dead

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Most of you already know that Steve Jobs has passed away. He will be greatly missed in the technology field for the changes and innovations he has brought us. He was a maker and hacker at his core, never settling for second best. The video above is from his Stanford Commencement Speech back in 2005, you can tell that the entire audience is hanging on his every word even though he was a college drop out. To learn about his journey from the beginning to where Apple is now watch the two programs below.

RIP Steve, you will be missed.

Titans – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Documentary


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9 Responses to “Steve Jobs the Hacker, Maker, Visionary is Dead”

  1. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Rest in peace Steve Jobs =(

  2. George Diekema Says:

    Wow, this is very sad. He truly deserves all the honor and more. It brings me back to the time when Apple first became famous. An era long gone.

  3. firemne akcie Says:

    Poor Steve Jobs. I didn’t know he had a cancer. Sending prayers for his family. It’s a pity he died at such young age.

  4. Harry Says:

    Rest in Peace Steve

  5. Joe Says:

    Steve Jobs wasn’t a hacker or maker, and visionary is debatable.

    “Jobs had little interest in or knowledge of circuit board design and made a deal with Wozniak to split the bonus evenly between them if Wozniak could minimize the number of chips. Much to the amazement of Atari, Wozniak reduced the number of chips by 50, a design so tight that it was impossible to reproduce on an assembly line. According to Wozniak, Jobs told Wozniak that Atari had given them only $700 (instead of the actual $5,000) and that Wozniak’s share was thus $350.”

    RIP Steve, thanks for uniting the rich and the ignorant.

  6. RJSC Says:

    More like an Anti-Hacker, considering the amounts of effort (including legal effort) his company put on anyone that tried to use their products in a way they didn’t think of (jailbrake phones, installing legally bought OS X on other x86 machines than Apple’s, etc.)

    Even the Graphical User Interface people credit Apple (and Steve Jobs) for was copied from Xerox. And Jobs had the nerve to say that Microsoft copied it from him after that.

    “In 1979, Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Jobs visited Xerox PARC, where he was shown the Smalltalk-80 programming environment, networking, and most importantly the WYSIWYG, mouse-driven graphical user interface provided by the Alto. He reportedly was not impressed by the first two, but was excited by the last one, and promptly integrated it, first into the Lisa and then in the Macintosh, attracting several key researchers to work in his company.”

    in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerox_Alto

    He deserves consideration like anyone else, but in no way the god-like status some people and the media are giving him.

  7. Farle Says:

    I have to agree with Joe, with an added point:
    If being a ‘visionary’ is making technology slightly more accessible to the masses, why hasn’t Bill gates got his own religion yet?
    I don’t think the world would be any different if Ipods, Iphones and Pixar hadn’t been invented.

  8. RJSC Says:

    Even Pixar is not his creation.
    It was bought from LucasArts (it had the name Graphics Studio back then).

    He was no hacker, he was a clever businessman man who took the work of other and found a way to sell it.

    And yeah, why doesn’t Bill Gates has his own religion, since machines running windows far outnumber Apple’s machines and are on every company and public service in the world. Even a significant number of x86 Mac are running Windows exclusively.

  9. Gradilakxz Says:

    Do not feel sad o apple kids ,he aint realy dead Steve moved to a small thown i think Southpark to live hapy out of publicety

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