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September 26, 2011

Hard Drive Clock Kickstarter – Hard Drive Tick!……Tock POV Clock

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We have seen lots of Hard Drive Clocks, my original one is now looking quite poor in the build quality zone.¬† Till this point if you wanted a Hard Drive Clock you would need to built one yourself by either taking inspiration from the other builds out there or making your own from scratch. Phillip Smith¬† is running a Kickstarter to hopefully change this and make a hard drive clock he calls the Hard Drive Tick!……Tock POV Clock. There are a number of backing levels but if you want a kit with all of the parts to build the clock it will set you back $75. This Kickstarter has about a month to go and about $19,000 to go so jump on this one if you want to see it become reality.

Via: HG Forum

“I have a working prototype as seen in the video; the software is 90% complete and the hardware is 75% complete. The circuit is currently on a breadboard. I need to finish integrating the battery backed up RTC (real time clock) chip so the time is not lost when the power is lost. And I need to finish up some software changes and have the design sent out to get professional printed circuit boards made. I still need to do some design on the front cover plate, and fabricate a suitable stand. The HDD Clock also fits nicely in a variety of 4×6 picture frames. I am open to suggestions and want your input. Depending on the consensus, I will consider adding in an option that I may not have considered. I will also write some software would allow you to hook the clock up to your computer and make any design you want, with any colors you want. So for example, if you have a favorite sports team, you can select their colors to be displayed on your clock.”


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5 Responses to “Hard Drive Clock Kickstarter – Hard Drive Tick!……Tock POV Clock”

  1. Globetec Says:

    Is he insane. How can he ask for 19.000$ to develop something, that have been done hundreds of times before. It is even presented as, if he got the idea for it. It would be nice with a kit for this project, but this is in no way om. And is not worthy of support from kickstarter

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Globetec,

    I think this is reasonable since with Kickstarter if someone puts a high dollar value on the project it just won’t get fully funded. I think this has the possibility of funding since the kit price isn’t too high and the number of kits that needs to be sold is possible. I will be interested to see if it will get funding, there is still a month to go…

  3. Barefoot Says:

    I agree with Globetec. But my question is… where is the CLOCK? His video shows a prototype on a breadboard, with a slit in the top platter and LEDs on the bottom platter. Then some pretty pictures of what it *could* look like. No vid of it actually working, and um, no numbers, hands, or anything else that resembles a CLOCK. Color me confused.

  4. Barefoot Says:

    Okay, looked at the video again. Yes, it does spin and light up, but still… nothing resembling a clock.

  5. Dennis F. Says:

    I funded the kit anyway. The kit price is reasonable with the board and parts. Price a good PC board these day? Saves me from having to find & purchase all the individual components. Money I have; time not so much, but I do like to build so it is worth it to me. Even if it doesn’t tell time, it is a novelty piece of art. Add time and it just gets better.

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