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September 23, 2011

How to Interface a Microcontroller to a PS/2 Keyboard

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Interacting with your project can be as simple as hooking up an IO pin to a button but if you need greater capability it might be time for a keyboard. In this tutorial Chris from PyroElectro demonstrates how to connect a PIC microcontroller to a PS/2 keyboard. One issue these days is finding a PS/2 keyboard, thankfully before USB came around they were a standard for a long time so if you can’t find one new you will certainly be able to get your hands on a used one.

“The system designed in this article is a simple passive PS/2 host device. It receives commands sent to it (key presses) and then outputs them to a 7 segment LED, but it never sends commands, all communication is 1 way in this system, which greatly simplifies the design and implementation.”


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One Response to “How to Interface a Microcontroller to a PS/2 Keyboard”

  1. ElectroNick Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it an “AT Keyboard” because “PS/2” defines the same keyboard, just a different (newer) connector? I am a proud owner of what may be the last AT keyboard with a fill size DIN connector on the planet 🙂 It was built by IBM some 20 years ago and I think you can drive a tank over it, it’ll still work.

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