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September 19, 2011

Spy Video TRAKR Claw Attachment Hack

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Steve Schuler sent in this Spy Video TRAKR Claw Attachment Hack he has done to his Spy Video TRAKR. The new version of the spy car has a ton of additional features when you compare it to the older Spy Video Car that we took apart. Wildplanet has really gone in a good direction with this new device since they are opening up their device for custom code to be used to enhance it.

“I have added a Lego grabber arm to the Spy Video Trakr. The Trakr is a remote controlled robot equipped with a microphone and color video camera, speaker, a near infrared LED for night vision, and an SD memory card slot for recording audio/video and storing downloadable and user designed programs. The remote control unit has control levers to drive the robot, a speaker and color video display so you can hear the audio picked up by the microphone and display the video transmitted by the camera, and several function buttons that can be used to control additional program functions of user designed programs.”

Untitled from SCUBA Steve on Vimeo.



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6 Responses to “Spy Video TRAKR Claw Attachment Hack”

  1. Spy Trakr gets a claw! « BuildLounge Says:

    […] Story originally found via Hacked Gadgets. […]

  2. And Now For Something Completely Different… « funwithsnapcircuits Says:

    […] http://hackedgadgets.com/2011/09/19/spy-video-trakr-claw-attachment-hack/ […]

  3. pc repair Says:

    Make it look like a toy, or moy like a toy. That way, it will work better as a spy tool. Use it to track down a cheating spouse or a scamming employee.

  4. Will from NJ Says:

    my trakr i hacked so that it runs on a rechargable battery pack so i don’t have to buy batterys any more, and insted of 1 LED light it now has 7 LEDs for mutch greater visibility. if you want pics of it email me

  5. I, Robot « funwithsnapcircuits Says:

    […] http://hackedgadgets.com/2011/09/19/spy-video-trakr-claw-attachment-hack/ […]

  6. Krash Says:

    I’ve also designed a robot completely out of Snap Circuits. See the following Instructable.


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