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September 12, 2011

IBM and 3M Adhesive will make Computers 1000 Times More Powerful?

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Will this new IBM/3M super adhesive revolutionize the computer CPU as we know it? We have been hearing that the silicon technology in our modern day processors is nearing the edge of size reduction. Just like growing the chip die to add additional CPUs this new idea allows the addition of processors but without the increase of the die footprint by stacking them! One can only imagine how the connections between layers can be aligned with the precision that will be needed.

Via: Dvice

“Such stacking would allow for dramatically higher levels of integration for information technology and consumer electronics applications. Processors could be tightly packed with memory and networking, for example, into a “brick” of silicon that would create a computer chip 1,000 times faster than today’s fastest microprocessor enabling more powerful smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming devices.

The companies’ work can potentially leapfrog today’s current attempts at stacking chips vertically – known as 3D packaging. The joint research tackles some of the thorniest technical issues underlying the industry’s move to true 3D chip forms. For example, new types of adhesives are needed that can efficiently conduct heat through a densely packed stack of chips and away from heat-sensitive components such as logic circuits. “


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5 Responses to “IBM and 3M Adhesive will make Computers 1000 Times More Powerful?”

  1. rio macrito Says:

    Superglue cyanocrilate system for diy powerfull pic10FXXX…aaaaahh

  2. David R. Says:


  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the catch David.

  4. David R. Says:

    Only reason why I notices is due to helping someone with silicone mold rubber this week 🙂
    But back to this…..I hope they figure a good way to spread heat, or the design is inherently cooler….because we will need A LOT better cooling for a 10 stack CPU! 🙂 *hears a LN2 compressor click on in the background*

  5. Anothercoilgun Says:

    1000 times faster machines but 2000 times slower once the micro crap os is installed. PC are already 1000’s of times faster than the old 486 DX2 66 days. A chump change 2GHz / 66Mz = 30,303 times faster.

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