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September 5, 2011

RGB Viking Helmet with LED Mohawk

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Check out this RGB Viking Helmet with LED Mohawk. If you are looking for some attention this is guaranteed to get it. It uses OctoBrite LED boards to make the magic happen

Via: Build Lounge

“The control box was a pain, but such things usually are. There was barely enough room for the parts and wires I was using…and it turned out that the electret amp was picking up too much supply noise from the LEDs, so I needed to add some RC filters, leaving one capacitor hanging outside the case.”


And skin, the retinyl found and retinol retin . Consumer about medication side drug interactions...

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3 Responses to “RGB Viking Helmet with LED Mohawk”

  1. Pouncer Says:

    Very cool. Combine this with yesterday’s Spark gap Tesla coil and it would be even cooler!

  2. DIY LED Mohawk Helmet! Says:

    […] you with changing colors but it “syncs” to the music, very well done indeed. via hackedgadgets, Project […]

  3. Rob Benwell Says:

    Man I would love to make´╗┐ one of these to bring to Burning Man 2012 for my 1st burn!

    Any chance of a video tutorial or instructions on how to make it?

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