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September 1, 2011

Fake Chinese Apple Products and Store

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It seems whatever Apple touches turns to gold. So it doesn’t surprise me when I hear that their products are being copied and great lengths are being taken to get them into the market. But some of the extremes that have been occurring lately are just over the top. The video above shows what looks to be an Apple store in China but as it turned out it was completely fake. The products inside are all fake Apple products inside what is designed to look like a normal Apple store.

The video below shows a bust that Chinese police made, the caught a group of people using a 300M zip line to get fake Apple product across a river into Hong Kong for beneficial tax laws. Looks like the zip line was setup from a high-rise building on around the 16th floor over to a 3 story building on the other side of the river. Not sure how they didn’t think the heavy black cable would not been spotted.


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2 Responses to “Fake Chinese Apple Products and Store”

  1. Neil A Benson Says:

    HOW do you string a 300m zip line across a river?

  2. Punkguyta Says:

    With a crossbow accordin’ to the article.

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