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August 31, 2011

Counterfeit Chinese USB Hard Drive

at 11:17 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking


The picture above looks like a Samsung USB Hard Drive case right? Looks can be deceiving, the case actually contains come large nuts to make it feel like there is actually something inside and a USB thumb drive to provide some convincing operation. The USB drive has been made to simulate the large hard drive by showing up with a 500GB capacity even though the capacity of the drive is only 128MB. I am thinking some smart people in China made a custom controller for the drive to allow it to work in a loop mode which allows all of the most recent copied data to remain and the oldest data be overwritten. The TOC also works in an interesting way since even though an old file has been overwritten it would remain in the TOC to make it seem that the drive is functioning as it should.

Read more at Jitbit Blog.



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10 Responses to “Counterfeit Chinese USB Hard Drive”

  1. ian Says:

    “TOC also works in an interesting way”

    This makes sense for FAT file systems for example, because the directory and file tables are stored in a table in the first part of the disk. As long as the controller just discarded writes to >128mb silently, the files would still appear in the file allocation table.

  2. Pouncer Says:

    “in a Chinese store across the river, for an insanely low price.”
    That should have raised red flags right there.

  3. faked Says:

    I’m quite tired of this fake chinese shit…

  4. Dave96z34 Says:

    haha Reminds me of back in school using debug to make a floppy disk think it was 10gig.

  5. George Johnson Says:

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some people never learn that.

    But I don’t know why we keep putting up with this crap from china.

    Oh! Wait a minute…… never mind.

  6. jason Says:

    From a technical point-of-view it makes no sense. The controller would need to parse every file type to make sure the file is still playable after dropping data, and when dropping data, do not drop in the middle of the frame. The software research alone wipes out any gain in hardware savings.

  7. Jeremy C. Says:

    That’s just nuts.

  8. * Says:

    They even used an USB A-to-A plug on the inside. That would tip me off right away. It should always be a B-type plug for any device, A-type for host.

  9. gerry Says:

    Chill out, folks. It’s like methadone for drive-space junkies! 500G portable HDDs all too often last about one year only. How many folks can even remember where to find the “terribly important” stuff that simply needed to be stored in its entirety 2 weeks ago, never mind the rest of the 499.75G over that year? So … 128MB still gives you the “high” and the old stuff fades away just as fast as your memory does. Hey … it’s a health care device after all! Reduces your worries, reduces your search times … More, I say! 😉

  10. Sbmm Says:

    The Chinese are like the liberals here in the USA. They both want something for nothing rather than earn it.

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