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August 29, 2011

IR Light and Camcorder used to make Cheap Night Vision Hunting Solution

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If you love all animals please skip this article.

Snypercat has been working on a way to hunt farm rats at night. There is no place for rats on a farm, they spread disease eat the food for your animals and will get you shut down if you plan on selling what you grow or raise. Snypercat knows that the best time to hunt rats is when they are most active which is at night. Only problem is us humans can’t see very well at night and if normal lighting was used it would scare away the rats. Her solution was to attach a Sony night vision camcorder to the scope of a gun. A large IR illuminator is then needed since she will be a long way from the prey she is hunting. The large wide spread type of IR illuminator worked not bad but since they are normally used for night vision cameras it has a very wide beam of light. She found that the optimal solution was a IR flashlight since it can be focused to a tight beam just where it is needed which might be a few hundred feet away.


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7 Responses to “IR Light and Camcorder used to make Cheap Night Vision Hunting Solution”

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  3. Josh Says:

    That’s really quite amazing… perhaps it can be combined with a sort of image processing algorithm that will wake you up if a bright dot that moves around is noticed. That way you don’t have to stay awake all night.

  4. jake Says:

    Impressive shooting! Might need a little tweaking to be able to get a nice cheekweild, but a very very nice creation of gen 0-1 nightvision. This is basically a Starlight scope who’s concept has been around since the 40s XD
    Two thumbs up!!

  5. hd Says:

    actually, there’s a better solution: get three or four cats from the nearest pet store, or better, from the nearest animal shelter. they’ll gladly hunt down the rats for you.

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  7. you are an assassin Says:

    you are an assassin,go to learn something

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