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August 26, 2011

Robodance 5 – Telepresence Robotics for the Disabled

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Our friend Robert Oschler is running a Kickstarter for his new Robodance 5 – Telepresence Robotics for the Disabled project. Check it out and support it if you can.

“What you are funding is the Pro version, which has additional exciting features and also has benefits for the physically challenged.  For the first time in history an affordable consumer EEG headset is being sold called the EPOC, an Emotiv Systems, Ltd. product.  This $300 USD headset allows you to operate a computer in several new innovative ways, but for Robodance 5 it is it’s ability to detect head movement and facial gestures that are important.  Coupled with the inexpensive Rovio it can give those with limited mobility a mobile set of eyes and ears to explore their home or any place else in the world there’s a Rovio they can connect to.  “


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