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August 9, 2011

Stereo Hacked into RGB LED Controller

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Marklar who is a senior member over at the Arduino forums converted a junked radio into a fantastic RGB LED controller. When he looked inside an old radio to salvage some IR parts he spied a Rotary Encoder, these are a bit tricky to setup for the first time but they are great when you are done. For those who aren’t sure what a rotary encoder is, be sure to watch the video that Chris Savage did.

Via: Make

“The concept here is that multiple sets of buttons can be read by a separate analog inputs and can work either in tandem or stand alone.  I do not want to use the memory to store values in an array, so I want to use code to determine the button value instead of a commonly used array look up table.  For this reason I use a callback function to return the button based on the analog value.  A callback is also used when a valid button is pressed.  This allows the code to put into a library and only the base mechanism used.”


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  1. Control LED lighting with an old stereo receiver - Hack a Day Says:

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