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August 8, 2011

Langlee Wave Power Generator

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While at the All Energy 2011 conference in Aberdeen Scotland we stopped by the Langlee Wave Power booth. Thanks to the team from Langlee Wave Power for taking the time to explain how their power generating device works. This system is towed into the ocean and uses the natural undulation of the waves to move some massive water wings. These wings are directly connected to generators to produce energy. It it often the case that the simplest idea is the beast and from what I can see this system is quite simple in concept. Now of course implementation and manufacturability is something completely different. This monster of a system will live its days in the rough seas and will be expected to survive extreme conditions on a daily basis without failure. The upside is that ocean waves are very predictable and this unit can produce 250kW.

“Langlee Wave Power is a Norwegian based company developing wave energy converters for¬†utilizing the power in the waves. The system is optimized for deployment in areas with moderate wave conditions, 2-6 meter seas. The system is ideal for offshore windfarm sites. Power transmission, infrastructure and site approval costs can be shared with new or existing offshore windfarms.”