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August 7, 2011

WASP Drone Plane Sniffs Open Wifi Networks

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If you thought all you needed to do was keep an eye out for a van parked outside your house who might be sniffing your Wifi, you better think again. This WASP Drone Plane Sniffs for Open Wifi Networks. Of course it is unmanned and once airborne it can fly a mission by itself hunting down unsecure Wifi networks.

Via: DIY Drones

“At the Black Hat and Defcon security conferences in Las Vegas next week, Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins plan to show the crowd of hackers a year’s worth of progress on their Wireless Aerial Surveillace Pla…, the second year Tassey and Perkins have displayed the 14-pound, six-foot long, six-foot wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle. The WASP, built from a retired Army target drone converted from a gasoline engine to electric batteries, is equipped with an HD camera, a cigarette-pack sized on-board Linux computer packed with network-hacking tools including the BackTrack testing toolset and a custom-built 340 million word dictionary for brute-force guessing of passwords, and eleven antennae.”



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3 Responses to “WASP Drone Plane Sniffs Open Wifi Networks”

  1. raul barrios Says:

    How cool are the gadgets going to get in the next few years? Just check this one out.

  2. WASP is a Wireless Aerial Surveillance Drone that can Crack WiFi/GSM on the Fly LITERALLY! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets, Forbes […]

  3. Another guy Says:

    ok now i have one of these drones, but i don’t have enough space for it to take off.. is there a VTOL model????

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