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August 5, 2011

Open Source DIY Automated LED Stair Lights

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Erica Kane has developed an Open Source DIY Automated LED Stair Lighting system. It uses an Arduino Pro Mini as the brain and a M5451 LED Display Driver to power the LEDs. She used PING sensors to detect when someone enters the stairwell. Currently the lights just turn on one at a time but that is all customizable by changing a bit of Arduino code.

If you are looking for a stair lighting system kit please have a look at the one that I created, I think it was the first automatic LED stair lighting system out there. There is also the new Reactive Lighting stair lighting system which has a ton of features and lighting options to enhance any stairwell.

I find it interesting how many ways you can detect a person (or animal) entering the stairwell, Erica uses ultrasound to do it, my first system stair lighting system used a laser beam, the stair lighting kit that we sell uses an IR beam and the Reactive Lighting system uses a PIR motion sensor. Other than under carpet pressure sensors I am having a hard time thinking of other detection methods but I am sure there will be a new one in a few months. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Open Source DIY Automated LED Stair Lights”

  1. M-Byte Says:

    Some other ways of detecting a person entering the stairwell:
    Although overkill, you could also use a Kinect.
    Also, you could use almost any webcam (coupled with IR leds as it should be dark in the room when the system is used).
    Another way would be the SAW approach from touchscreens.
    The last option I can think of is radar.
    Maybe someone else has some more ideas 😉

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    I like the camera approach. I am thinking that a system could be made based on the very low res camera that is used in a normal optical mouse to watch for pixel changes to see movement in various areas of detection. A system like that could be simple and cheap, It could be mounted in any location and have a learn mode where you teach it what various detection regions are by walking in them while the system is in learn mode.

  3. DIY Arduino based LED Stair Lights Automation » Stair Lighting Says:

    […]   An automatic stair lighting system is one which lights each step LED when a user starts to climb or descend.  Erica Kane has developed a similar Open Source DIY Automated LED Stair Lighting system using an Arduino Pro Mini, a M5451 LED Display Driver to power the LEDs and a PING ultrasound distance sensors to detect when someone enters the stairwell. The Eagle schematic file is here and the Arduino Processing environment can be found here. You can edit this to add more lights, or to use a different lighting sequence. This code uses the Lightuino source code to drive the M5451. via: hackedgadgets […]

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