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July 27, 2011

3D Color Printing

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3D printing no longer seems to have the wow factor that it did a few years ago, I remember how crazy it seemed a year and a half ago when when Bradley Rigdon demonstrated how to print a 3D bearing. Most of us have now seen something that has been printed in a 3D printer. This is thanks in large part to the MakerBot which has brought inexpensive 3D printing to the masses. Ponoko who has sponsored one of our contests in the past is offering color 3D printing with some impressive results. They have featured an interesting video that was done for National Geographic which was produced to make the technology seem even more magical than it is. I am sure that you will catch the issues that are smoothed over in the apparent recreation of the wrench in the above video. I was thinking that the scanner was some magical creation or there was about 5 hours of time that lapsed between scanning and printing so they could make the scan work. Watch the video below for the truth in what happened in the creation of the tool. If you are curious what Bradley Rigdon from Print to 3D is up to have a look at the 3rd video where he demonstrates the 3D transmission he is making.


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3 Responses to “3D Color Printing”

  1. nah! Says:

    The scanning is Fake, the Printed wrench is not the same shape than the metal one, its sad they claim it to be a replica of the scanned one
    (because the scanned one wouldnt be functional)

  2. nah! Says:

    aw he already cleared that out ahaha

  3. hazeline Says:

    @nah! I agreed with you, perhaps I’m getting curious about this Colour Printing

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