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July 15, 2011

High Voltage London Toilet

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There are some crazy washrooms in the UK, they seem to like to automate everything. Is it just me or does that large high voltage symbol on the outside of the washroom make you a bit uneasy to use the facilities? Not sure why we need washroom doors that open and close automatically, but since most washrooms cost money I guess we can see what the money is paying for. This one was down the road from the London Monument.

Not sure if this one has voice capabilities but there was one in Glasgow that had subway like doors which opened and closed automatically. There were electronic buttons for everything, soap, water, hand dryer, toilet paper, call for help. Only thing that was missing was a button to flush the toilet, they apparently flush the toilet and go through a full internal self clean after each use. They have large LED number displays on the wall with a fifteen minute countdown, not sure what happens if the washroom is occupied for longer than 15 minutes, does the user get a free shower and blow dry?


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7 Responses to “High Voltage London Toilet”

  1. Kris Lee Says:

    You need a light in that box, right? Besides these also disinfect all the room after use (so do not try to slip in after somebody has used it).

  2. alain Says:

    those toilet are french at the origin for more than 20 years
    they are now free in France
    but still wear the high voltage in case you open the external door
    think the door open after 15 minutes
    and yes they are cleaned after each use
    and yes they speak

  3. ren Says:

    children have died from staying too long…
    they get locked in, sprayed with corrosive detergents, and steamed..

  4. h3po Says:

    isn’t it obvious? the timer counts down until the high voltage zapping begins 😀

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    That’s a good point Kris, no way you could get in without paying since it has the cleaning cycle.

  6. chris w Says:

    I think the ‘dead children’ stories are urban myths. I’ve heard that in London if you exceed the limit, the doors simply open, exposing you to the passersby in whatever compromising position you happen to be in.

    That’s enough to discourage me from overstaying my welcome!


  7. Carl Sagan Says:

    The doors unlock, but don’t open. Once you exit the machine and close the door again, the cleaning cycle begins. Hot detergent is sprayed from nozzles on the side, then most of it is removed by pressured air. If your feet don’t touch the ground, you can stay inside and watch. You’ll get sprayed a little, but nobody ever died in those except by an overdose of heroin.

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