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July 15, 2011

Dangerous Prototypes Rockin the Open Source Hardware Project Space

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Our friend Ian Lesnet from Dangerous Prototypes is sure Rockin the Open Source Hardware Project Space. As many of you know he is attempting to build a new open source project every month (well at least every month on average). Most of you probably didn’t know that Ian and I worked over at the AOL property DIY Life for a short time (Ian longer than me). Hot Hardware did a great interview with with Ian recently, if you want to learn more about the Open Source Hardware Project space and what Dangerous Prototypes is up to this article is a great read. Thanks for the mention of Hacked Gadgets in the interview by the way Ian!

Q: The Web Platform is described as a “tiny server” … is it actually a server? What kind of CPU? Does it have any storage/memory?

It is a starting point for designing things that need Internet access. It has a 16bit CPU with 8K of RAM and runs at 80MHz, a microSD card is used for storage. The software can be changed over USB. The community uses it for lots of stuff, everything from home automation to remote weather stations.”