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June 26, 2011

TinyCopter AVR Microcontroller Game

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Owen from Hackniac has just finished his latest hack. It is a game called TinyCopter that is built into the very small code space of a Attiny13 and uses a Nokia3310 LCD for the game screen. This tiny game reminds me of a game I used to play on the Apple II where a green screen helicopter would fly around and you just pressed the space bar to make the helicopter fly up.

“With the Attiny’s 1K of programmable flash memory and 64 bytes of RAM I needed every bit of control over the hardware that I could get. I set out to write it in deliciously crunchy AVR assembly. I should say that I am heavily biased toward assembly. Most programmers hate it, but if I had infinite time I would choose to use it always.”


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