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June 14, 2011

High Current Underwater Connectors

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Most of us work with connectors quite often. Slap a junction box on the wall, run some wires into it and make some wire nut connections. What if you need it to be water resistant? No problem, put it in a plastic box and use water tight connectors right? Well that might work just fine if this electrical connection is to be mounted to the back of your house but what if the connection will be living on the bottom of the sea and there will be thousands of amps running thought it?

My new friends David and Derrick that I met at the All Energy 2011 conference in Aberdeen Scotland from Hydro Group PLC demonstrated the type of system that is used to make just this type of connection. What you are looking at are very large diameter power wire connections around the perimeter and a group of fiber optic connection in the center. I don’t have an immediate need for this quality of connector but when I do I know where to get it. 🙂