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June 13, 2011

Windspot Wind Generator

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Hacked Gadgets was at the recent All Energy Conference in Aberdeen Scotland. There was lots of wind generation companies demonstrating their systems and components but I thought that Windspot is going after an interesting  market. Their wind generators have automatic pitch compensation which makes them very quiet so they can be used in residential applications and they are also DIY friendly since as you can see everything you need is shipped on a single pallet. Bolt the pieces together and you can start to generate clean energy. There is actually one of these systems installed in Canada, see the video below of the Gooseberry Cove, Newfoundland installation.

“Variable pitch is a passive mechanism that uses the centrifugal force produced by the turning of the wind turbine to change the attack angle of the blades, which adjust themselves in a synchronized movement, cushioned by a hydraulic cylinder, to the strength of the wind. Thanks to variable pitch, an excess of revolutions is avoided that would damage the generator and means that Windspot continues working at maximum performance even with high wind speeds. To protect themselves from the strongest winds, other turbines activate protection systems that, paradoxically, slow up their production when the conditions to produce energy are at their best. Windspot is designed to work at low revolutions. Our wind turbine does not exceed 250 rpm (WINDSPOT 3.5) while other turbines reach 1000 rpm. “


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3 Responses to “Windspot Wind Generator”

  1. MakawaoMark Says:

    Mechanical fly-weight variable have been in existence for a vary long time (100yr?). It was also used by centrifugal & axial flow pump mfgs going back to the 1960’s. Don’t see what’s new (patentable).

  2. Isaac Says:

    Dang. Wonder how much the kit costs?

  3. Isaac Says:

    Wonder how much the kit costs shipped?

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