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June 5, 2011

Aurora RGB LED Ring Project

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If you like LED projects as much as I do you will love the Aurora RGB LED Ring Project from The LED Artist. For so many LEDs the color changing is very smooth, the board layout is very nice with just a small center area left for the few surface mount components needed to run the show. Aki has been kind enough to share the schematic for the project but it looks like you would need to come up with the LED driver code yourself though.

“The heart of the unit is PIC24F08KA101 micro-controller. Using a proprietary technique, this controller controls 9 x 3 (RGB) independent channels of PWM signals. The unit is a little over 4 inches in diameter. “


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5 Responses to “Aurora RGB LED Ring Project”

  1. Lol Says:

    It’s very demonstrative to give the schematic (which is almost similar for any of such projects) and don’t give the code (which is the main part of all PWM-driven devices).

    But looks pretty nonetheless.

  2. George Johnson Says:

    Really seems to be a bit over kill, unless you’re going to write your own code to take advantage of all the LED’s.

    It’s basically arranged as 9 groups of 9 LED’s, in a radial pattern (with a line of 5 and aline of 4 side by side).

    But from the way it operates, you could do the same thing, with just the 9 (5/4)radial LED’s, and rest in parallel. They’re all doing the same thing pretty much.

    Looks pretty though, but the way it’s wired up, it could od a lot more, IF you got into the code.

    Nice project, nice little board and everything. Maybe add some timer function to it for an alarm clock or something. Has possibilities.

    Good job.

  3. Stan Says:

    Something “proprietary” in hacker space? Kinda defeats the purpose. Yuck.

  4. Lol Says:

    Maybe we are supposed to reverse it? ^_^

  5. Aurora: arte con LEDs de colores | HB – Web Says:

    […] (Vía Hacked Gadgets.) […]

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