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June 3, 2011

Play Dodgeball using a Kinect, iPhone and iPad

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The guys over at Super Touch have made a Dodgeball game that uses the Kinect, an iPhone and an iPad to play. The game uses a bunch of technology starting with the way the game modes are selected. There is no start button on the controller, the team has opted for a cube with modes printed on it to select game modes. The cube has an accelerometer, an Arduino and a Xbee module in it. The Arduino monitors the accelerometer and uses the Xbee to wirelessly send the cube orientation to the host computer. Two players use iPads and Iphones to send dodgeballs flying to the player standing in-front of the Kinect. Just like the game we all played in junior high, the main player needs to catch the ball with their hands or move to avoid it. The team hasn’t released the full details of the system but thanks to the Adafruit bounty we now have tons of Kinect details. There are lots of iPad and iPhone 4 deals around so getting the controllers at a good price should be quite simple. If you want to make the wireless connection simple there is actually an Arduino XBee shield available.

“This is our dodgeball game which uses the Kinect to control the main character whose goal it is to catch the balls with their hands while avoiding getting hit with the balls elsewhere. The players using the iPad and iPhone can send balls at the main player with the XY pad on the left and the button on the right. The longer the button is held down the more points the ball is worth, but if the main player catches it they get the points.”