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May 22, 2011

LCD Router Traffic Counter

at 5:39 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Electronic Hacks


How much data has your router passed? No idea right, well check out this LCD Router Traffic Counter project if you are curious how many bits have passed through the mystery box.

“Using my python library as a reference for how to use the display, and my XML parsing script for ash, I was able to cobble together a working project quickly.”

May 21, 2011

Geiger Counter USB Hack

at 5:52 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


This Geiger Counter USB Hack takes an inexpensive Geiger Counter and makes it able to output counts our via USB. This would be very helpful when you want to take readings logged over time. It uses a small microcontroller to interface to the computer. Check out the small circuit implementation above!

“The Kvarts DRSB-01 (Кварц ДРСБ-01) is a simple consumer Geiger counter. It does not feature a display of any kind like most modern Geiger counters do, but instead each particle detected by the tube make a very characteristic “click”. I want to make this device more useful by adding an USB port which will allow quantitative display of particle counts and long term logging of radioation levels. Due to space constraints inside the case I will use a mini USB port. I also need a microcontroller with USB support. The ATtiny44, which I already used in my USB NES Pad project, will do nicely.”


May 20, 2011

MPR121 Touch Sensor Controller Project

at 7:42 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, DIY Hacks, Educational, Electronic Hacks


Touch sensors are getting more and more popular these days especially since many low cost microcontroller have them built in. If you have a controller that doesn’t have built in touch sensors there are many chips that do just that. The Freescale MPR121 is one of these chips. This MPR121 Touch Sensor Controller Project will give you the pointers you need to get your feet wet with touch sensors.

“This board was pretty tough to design in Eagle. The touchpads and the traces to them have to be laid out just so or they won’t work well. The autorouter completely refused to do anything with this board no matter what I tried, so I ended up hand routing everything. And even that was very difficult. But in the end it was worth it. It looks great, and works just as well.”


May 19, 2011

Soldering for Beginners

at 6:32 am. Filed under Educational


If you know someone who is starting out with electronics and wants to learn how to solder this Soldering for Beginners guide (PDF) by Mitch Altman, Andie Nordgren and Jeff Keyzer is a great start.

Via: Tinkerlog

May 18, 2011

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Kit

at 7:18 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

This Audio Spectrum Analyzer Kit looks like too much fun. I remember back in the 90s I had a huge spectrum analyzer with lots of knobs, buttons, levers and dancing LEDs. With the lights down the display was as mesmerizing as a lava lamp. But just like my lava lamp the EQ was phased out. There is lots of technology packed into this kit but unless you can solder surface mount I might stay away from the unassembled kit version!

“With V2.1, I addressed the most important features reported by customers as well as some issues to help during assembly of the boards. Here is a list of changes for V2.1:

  • Changed DC Power Jack from TH to SMT.
  • Changed input pot from TH to SMT.
  • Added new dc-dc converter ST1S10, works on higher frequency.
  • Changed all pasives from 1210 to 0805 size.
  • Added two bypass capacitors to ATMEGA64.
  • Added reset circuit protection to prevent unwanted resets.
  • Changed ISP con from simple to locking.
  • Removed 100uF cap from ATmega VCC pin.
  • Changed audio input con from RCA to surface mount 3.5mm jack.
  • Increased clearance size for copper fill to reduce pcb failure rate.
  • Redesigned LED Matrix pcb so now its 230mm long instead of 232mm.”


May 17, 2011

New Egg-Bot Designs

at 5:29 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks


Having a cool tool like a CNC machine is great but unless it can make something that looks fantastic it is as valuable as a paperweight. The Egg-Bot is a interesting machine which has a limited functionality since it is designed to draw with markers on Eggs (or egg shaped items). Eastern Eggs has designed some crazy designs which really showcase the capability of the machine and WOW do the pieces ever look good!

May 16, 2011

DIY Shower Timer Logger

at 6:44 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


I remember some of the showers at campsites have timers on them, you crank the 5 minute dial to get a quick shower. When you are timed like this you are very conscious of how much longer you have before the water automatically shuts off. I was thinking that I could save tons of hot water fees if I implemented this in my own house although I never did since I would not be very popular with the rest of the family. The next best option would be to monitor shower usage, that is exactly what this DIY Shower Timer Logger does, it uses RFID a RTC and an Arduino to get the job done.

Via: Embedds

“I chose to use an Arduino because it’s my favorite platform and I could program and debug quickly (actually within 5 to 6 hours after starting on the same day). The RFID would detect the proximity of my card (which can be handled with wet hands) and start the timer. When I’m done, I simply wave it again and tell the timer to stop. The duration is then uploade to the website’s API section via the ethernet shield. Yes, I am pretty lucky to have a powerand ethernet port not too far from my bathroom!”


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