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May 31, 2011

Snap-Together CNC Machine

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If you don’t have a CNC machine yet, what are you waiting for? There are tons of DIY ones around and for most of us who aren’t making parts for the space shuttle that’s all you need. This MTM Snap-Together CNC Machine is cool because as the name implies it can be totally snapped together. I haven’t seen one in real life so I am not sure how rigid it is due to it’s snap together construction but it looks like it is solid enough. Best of all you just need a sheet of HDPE and a single router bit to cut out all the structural parts (you will need to borrow some time on a friends existing CNC machine to cut the parts).

The electronic system is Arduino based, this page gives you all the needed electronic details to get going and this software page will help you with the software needs of the system.

Thanks for the tip Tony.


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2 Responses to “Snap-Together CNC Machine”

  1. JPElectron Says:

    I want this as a kit !!!

    (I don’t have a friend with a CNC machine because I live in the middle of nowhere with absolutely 0 cool people)

  2. Fuming Solder Says:

    @JPElectron: I *was* going to say: “This must be an open source project, so just wait until someone makes parts available online”. I *was*, until I saw this copyright notice:

    (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011 Permission granted for experimental and personal use. License for commercial sale available from MIT.

    So, MIT, very likely the most expensive technical school in the world, probably the best endowed and a recipient of public funding, still finds it necessary to *sell* licensing for their projects despite them being based in large part on GNU GPL (Grbl) and CC (Arduino) Open-Source projects?

    Sorry for the OT rant, guys, but this just rubs me in a wrong way. This is probably not a mainstream project (a snap-together CNC router will most likely not withstand vibration for a long time) – it’s more of a toy, really, and a more generous licensing would have been much more appropriate IMHO.

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