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May 29, 2011

96 Solenoid Waterfall Display

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We have seen a few cool waterfall displays before but this 96 Solenoid Waterfall Display (Google translated) is the first total DIY one I have seen. There isn’t very much technical details available but from the short writeup there is enough information for inspiration. I can just imagine how much this display would have cost if the solenoids weren’t found at a scrap yard.

“Each of the 3 solenoid valve blocks has assembled a board with shift registers and MOSFET arrays to drive the solenoid valves. A master-AVR pushes the data via SPI to the shift register and thus controls the various valves. The patterns are stored on an EEPROM and can be changed via UART.”



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2 Responses to “96 Solenoid Waterfall Display”

  1. Viore TV Reviews Says:

    Cool Display!! I agree that could have gotten a bit pricey if they didn’t find the solenoids cheap. Those thing go for a pretty penny new. Guess it was worth it though!!

  2. Michael Says:

    BASTLI is a club of hobbyists who study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, so funds are not a problem.
    Actually, they scavenged the solenoids from scrap (they were used at a rat farm before…)
    I have to join them tomorrow…

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