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May 21, 2011

Geiger Counter USB Hack

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This Geiger Counter USB Hack takes an inexpensive Geiger Counter and makes it able to output counts our via USB. This would be very helpful when you want to take readings logged over time. It uses a small microcontroller to interface to the computer. Check out the small circuit implementation above!

“The Kvarts DRSB-01 (Кварц ДРСБ-01) is a simple consumer Geiger counter. It does not feature a display of any kind like most modern Geiger counters do, but instead each particle detected by the tube make a very characteristic “click”. I want to make this device more useful by adding an USB port which will allow quantitative display of particle counts and long term logging of radioation levels. Due to space constraints inside the case I will use a mini USB port. I also need a microcontroller with USB support. The ATtiny44, which I already used in my USB NES Pad project, will do nicely.”