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May 18, 2011

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Kit

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This Audio Spectrum Analyzer Kit looks like too much fun. I remember back in the 90s I had a huge spectrum analyzer with lots of knobs, buttons, levers and dancing LEDs. With the lights down the display was as mesmerizing as a lava lamp. But just like my lava lamp the EQ was phased out. There is lots of technology packed into this kit but unless you can solder surface mount I might stay away from the unassembled kit version!

“With V2.1, I addressed the most important features reported by customers as well as some issues to help during assembly of the boards. Here is a list of changes for V2.1:

  • Changed DC Power Jack from TH to SMT.
  • Changed input pot from TH to SMT.
  • Added new dc-dc converter ST1S10, works on higher frequency.
  • Changed all pasives from 1210 to 0805 size.
  • Added two bypass capacitors to ATMEGA64.
  • Added reset circuit protection to prevent unwanted resets.
  • Changed ISP con from simple to locking.
  • Removed 100uF cap from ATmega VCC pin.
  • Changed audio input con from RCA to surface mount 3.5mm jack.
  • Increased clearance size for copper fill to reduce pcb failure rate.
  • Redesigned LED Matrix pcb so now its 230mm long instead of 232mm.”



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5 Responses to “Audio Spectrum Analyzer Kit”

  1. lwr20 Says:

    Don’t let SMD put you off trying the kit. Hand soldering SMD is easy, especially at the component sizes in the picture. Its just a case of learning a couple of different techniques (compared to through-hole). Just have a look at a couple of on-line tutorials and give it a try 🙂

    The hardest looking thing there is the chip in the middle, and the flood-and-suck method should work fine for that.


  2. Lukasoft Says:

    I feel like there must be an easier way to create the matrix style LED screen by hand. That has a lot of parts. Maybe use a serial connection or something? Or is it just me?

  3. ElectroNick Says:

    @Lukasoft: not sure what you mean by “easier” way – there are 400 LEDs this board is driving (fortunately packed into 40 bar-graph displays which saves you 360 solder points) – no matter how you approach the project, just the sheer size of the display requires a lot of soldering. Some of us would even go as far as to say that this is what makes it so fun! Ah, the sweet smell of burning flux …

  4. npn Says:

    do you have schematics on this and softvare for controller?

  5. PeteJ Says:

    Can I buy this kit assembled or unassembled. If so how and how much?

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