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May 15, 2011

PCB Milling using a MakerBot

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Rolling your own PCBs is something that is great to speed up the development time when designing a new circuit. Even now that there are quick and fairly cheap board houses that can make production quality boards it still takes days instead of the hours it would take if you made your own in your home lab. Keith Neufeld has perfected the isolation method of PCB creation on his MakerBot. The results are fantastic, now the cutting time of 5 hours needs to be tackled.

“I drilled holes in the corners, tapped the upper plate, and enlarged the holes in the lower plate. The socket-head cap screws spin freely in the lower plate while adjusting the upper plate‚Äôs height (I used a continuity meter to check when the milling bit was just barely touching the plate in each corner); then the nylon-insert nuts lock the screws in position. The whole assembly is quite rigid once tightened.”