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May 10, 2011

Automatic Pet Water Dish Filler

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Keeping our cat’s water dish topped up is my daughter’s job but it would be something that would be nice to automate. Only thing I would always be scared about is if a sensor went bad or there was some bad code that caused the thing to run for 5 or 6 hours when I was out… I guess having a limited reservoir size would be one way to limit the potential damage. If you are thinking of automating your Pet Water Dish check out this Arduino based project over at AV Brand.

Via: Circuit Projects

“I decided it was time to build an automatic water dish that refills itself. I bought an icemaker water hookup (designed to attach the icemaker in a fridge to the water supply) and my friend Frysteev helped me plumb it in. The tiny 1/4-inch water line runs to the top of my kitchen cabinets, where it enters an irrigation valve ($22). This valve then runs to some clear tubing, down from the cabinets and into the water dish. Also in the water dish are two sensor wires, one at the bottom and one at the top of the dish. “


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4 Responses to “Automatic Pet Water Dish Filler”

  1. Michael Kohne Says:

    If you want to keep the bowl full & clean without the possibility of overflow due to sensor failure, then an alternate approach is to simply filter the water and constantly rotate the water through a large reservoir (pump out of the bowl into the reservoir). If you set it up right, you actually won’t be able to overflow, and a sensor with an indicator can tell you when it’s time to top up the system.

  2. How to Make a DIY Auto-filling Water Dish Machine for Dogs! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  3. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » Automatic Pet Water Dish Filler Says:

    […] writes: [via] I decided it was time to build an automatic water dish that refills itself. I bought an icemaker […]

  4. froh Says:

    Talk about overcomplicating a problem. What is wrong with a bucket on it’s head in a tray. A small gap lets water out and air in. Gravity does the rest. Its been used to water farm animals for probably a hundred years. But yes, this is much more fun to make.

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